So the time has almost arrived… This time on Friday I will be preparing to go out and put on the biggest performance of my career so far, in LAS VEGAS!
I arrived in Vegas on Saturday after a safe and comfortable flight from Fort Lauderdale, after being driven to my hotel (The Signature MGM) I got settled in to my suite then went food shopping. It’s a glamorous life I lead! After buying pans, cutlery, food and water I made myself a clean healthy meal and then headed down to the hotel gym to do a light run to get my circulation going post flight.
After getting my head down for the night (trying to acclimatise to the eight hour time difference) I woke up Sunday morning, happy with my weight. Sunday the water loading process began, I consume eight litres of water a day right through to Wednesday! This part is not much fun, especially when all you can see out of your hotel room is endless pool parties!
Fight week in the UFC doesn’t just mean making weight, there are also lots of press obligations to take care of (which I’m sure will mount up as I rise up the ranks). This week I have poster signings, UFC Facebook live chats, UFC twitter live chats, podcasts, various telephone interviews with European media as well as Skype interviews to take care of.
On Monday evening Robert Whiteford arrived in Las Vegas, he will be staying with me at the Signature to help me out with my weight cut. We went food shopping again and stocked up on water for the next couple of days and then did some pad work. Whiteford is a fellow fighter and a good friend who I met at A.T.T during my last fight camp. It’s good to have someone alongside you who understands the ins and outs of a weight cut and he’s been acting as my personal chef so that’s a bonus!
As well as water loading, your diet is very important during your weight cut. This week I will be eating incredibly clean and light, things like white eggs, spinach, fish, natural yoghurt, blueberries and rice cakes.

Because I am fighting on Friday the official weigh ins take place at 9am on Thursday morning (6pm UK time). On Wednesday I will cut down my water intake to 2.5litres, keeping the day steady until finishing off with some light pad work and around 30 minutes on the treadmill to keep my body ticking. I will go to bed feeling light on Wednesday night, leaving me with just 2-3kg left to lose on Thursday morning. I have this routine down to a tee. I will wake early and steam the bathroom, take a hot bath in Epsom salts and calmly lay sweating the rest out under quilts and towels. Once the hard part is out of the way I will get to face off with my opponent, which I am excited about! Klose has said in an interview that he gets nervous prior to the weigh in… Well believe me, he should be!!
Post weigh in some fighters may be tempted to go away and feast, however it’s important to still be wise when it comes to your nutrition pre-fight!! I leave absolutely NOTHING to chance in this game

All in all I am feeling great! I’m in the best shape of my life and I am confident in my abilities. I have got no doubts that I will be going home to Doncaster with another win under my belt!!!
I’m really excited for what the future holds for me, whilst I have been away at A.T.T for this fight camp there have been lots of developments. New sponsorships, new website, clothing line as well as loads more things lined up for when I’m home.
Thank you to all of my supporters who have followed me along this journey, I hope to put on a great show for you as always on Friday night (early Saturday UK time) and continue on my quest for a title!

Marc Diakiese v Drakkar Klose TUF 25 Finale 07/07/2017