On the Fly: Fight Night London – Marc Diakiese

In episode 2 of On the Fly: Fight Night London we travel out to American Top Team in Florida to hang out with undefeated UFC Lightweight Mark Diakiese as he prepares for his fight against Teemu Packalen on March 18th. Surrounded by fellow countrymen at ATT he takes some time out from his training schedule to hang out at the bowling alley and then we head down to Deerfield Beach for a game of soccer. With unparalleled access to the training and lives of the world's best fighters, On the Fly is the perfect glimpse into the build up to the hotly anticipated Fight Night London.

Four Weeks to Fight Day!

Welcome to my first Blog Post! After months of talking and planning I am excited to tell you all that my new website, blog and clothing line is now under way.

As some of you may know I have the biggest fight of my career lined up on July the 7th in Las Vegas ….something most young fighters can only dream of.

I have now been away at the American Top Team gym in Fort Lauderdale America for five weeks, with just three weeks left of my fight camp. Back in January I made the HUGE decision to leave my gym in Manchester to go over to A.T.T, which at the time seemed a big leap to make. However I can honestly say it has been the best decision I have made so far in my fight career! I have got to meet and train with some of the best in the business… and to be the best, we must train with the best!

I have never had any doubt in my ability, however since being at A.T.T my fight game has already changed dramatically (which, I think you will agree showed in my last fight). I am now onto my second camp and I learn more each day over here. Although it is difficult being so far from my family, being over here I can make the steps I need to reach my goal of World champion.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Fighters Retreat in Las Vegas. (Bare in mind that I came from The Republic of Congo and quite literally grew up with nothing, this is the kind of thing you could never imagine would happen in your lifetime) There I got to meet huge names, see all of the amazing UFC facilities and the bright lights of Vegas, not to forget watching Snoop Dogg at a private performance. It was such an amazing experience, one which has just spurred me on to work even harder and make sure that I go all the way in this business!

Over the next four weeks I will be doing regular blogs, updating you on everything going on like diet, training, weight cut, press events, the weigh-ins…. As well as my new fight wear line, so don’t forget to check out my new page regularly!